Saturday, August 2, 2014


I knew that my 5x great grandfather Caleb Benson had been buried here but
while I found headstones for many Benson family cousins, I didn't find
Caleb's on this trip:

My 3rd cousin 4x removed Ansel Benson.

The rusted gate to the burial plot of Consider Benson & family.

First cousin 6x removed Lieut. Consider Benson

Second cousin 5x removed Asa Benson & wife Druzilla.
About a week later I made a return visit. It appears Caleb's original
stone had been destroyed by weather or vandalism and after searching
around a bit I found a newer marker for him :

This marker was the first hint I had that Caleb was a clergyman.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


The South Middleboro Cemetery is located on the grounds of the South
Middleborough United Methodist church in Middleborough, Ma. The two
different spellings come from the New England custom of dropping the old
fashioned spelling for a shorter version of the name. There are a number
of towns in Massachusetts that may be spelled officially with the "borough"
but are frequently spelled with the "boro" unofficially. 

Besides the shorter version fits better on many signs


A few years ago I was visiting the South Middleboro Cemetery in Middleboro
Ma. looking for graves of my Benson relatives and came across a set of headstones
that caught my attention even though they were not for any of my relations. Living
in Massachusetts I've visited many old cemeteries and seen various methods of
preservation for deteriorating headstones such as the framing on these. But there
were two things about these that I had never seen before. One was the concrete
base. None of the other headstones in the cemetery had it and whoever had made
it was probably trying to both prop the stones up in a secure position and prevent
them from sinking into the ground:

The other item were the metal plates fastened to the backs of the stones. They
had more information added to the text of the original inscriptions(I've boldfaced
the parts I believe were added):

"Grandson Of The Nameless
Nobleman Of Plymouth
In Memory Of Mr John
LeBarron.       He Died
Aug 1 1801
Aged 79 Years  & 4 Months."

"In Memory Of Mrs
Mary -Raymond- Wife
Of Mr John LeBarron
She Died March 25 1791
Aged 60 Years & 8 Months

Repaired 1974 By R M LeBarron R D 1
Greenwood PA"

Next to these there was another repaired gravestone. The metal plate
was fastened to the front of this one:

"In Memory Of Martha-Benson- Widow Of 
William Parker-Who Died Oct 13 1777
In The 76th Year Of Her Life -Martha
Was Married First To James LeBarron-Son
Of The Nameless Nobleman Of Plymouth-
James Died May 10 1744 & Martha Married
William May15 1745-James Is Probably
Buried Here Beside Martha -As Is Her
Son LeBaron           Robert M LeBarron
                      R D 2                   1974 "

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Every Fall when I take pictures at cemeteries for Find A Grave,
I'm also taking foliage shots for my own enjoyment. After all, I live
in southeastern Massachusetts with some of the oldest cemeteries in
the state, and although it's not quite as spectacular as up north, foliage
season is still very colorful around here.

So here's some of my favorite pictures from this past Autumn:    

Mt Pleasant cemetery, Rockland, Ma.  

Mt.Vernon Cemetery Abington, Ma.
Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Abington, Ma.
Mt Vernon Cemetery, Abington, Ma
Colebrook Cemetery, Whitman, Ma
Center Cemetery, Hanover, Ma.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


As I said, there's a lot of my Barrows, Ellis, and Griffith relatives buried at the
Union Cemetery in Carver, Ma. I'm not familiar with many of the names since
I haven't done a lot of work on the collateral lines yet. Many of them are buried
at the far right end of this lane, which also includes monuments to members of
the Savery family who were prominent in the town's early history.

As you reach the end of the lane there are several Ellis and Griffith family plots
with wrought iron fences around them. There's a curious little cupola with a tile
floor between the plot of my 6x great grandfather Ephraim Griffith/Griffeth and
that of his son Obed's family.

Beyond then are a few larger family vaults and a monument.:

This last vine covered vault is of Matthias Ellis and his wife, Sarah Seymour
Forsyth.Sarah died at Stuttgart, Germany in 1876 and Matthias died three years
later back in Carver, There's a story there that I definitely have to look into.


Thursday, March 7, 2013


During my trips last year to area cemeteries here in southeastern Massachusetts,
I came to the conclusion that  9 out of 10 times where there is a white wooden
church, there is a cemetery somewhere close by. In many cases the cemetery is
located on the church grounds or next to them, as in the Union Cemetery in South
Carver, Ma.

The Union Church dates from 1855, but the cemetery is nearly 100 years older, 
and as it turns out it has significance in my family history:

"Union Cemetery.

The land for Union Cemetery was given from the Barrows estate. The oldest
inscriptions are for the year 1777 in memory of Nathan who died Oct. 22nd
and Bethuel who died Nov. 2nd of that year, both sons of Jonathan and Lydia
Barrows. The west addition was made through a gift from Maj. Thomas B. Griffith,
and the ground was cared for during the last half of the last century by William
Savery in an individual capacity. In 1906 the cemetery was incorporated as "The
Union Cemetery of South Carver" with the following incorporators: Alfred M.
Shaw, S. Dexter Atwood, Henry S. Griffith, Josiah W. Atwood, N. G. Swift, John
Bent, Gustavus Atwood, Marcus Atwood, John F. Shaw and Mrs. Eldoretta McFarlin.
-History of the town of Carver, Massachusetts: historical review, 1637-1910  By
Henry S. Griffith, (E. Anthony & Sons , New Bedford, Ma, 1918)p249

The Union cemetery is fortunate in the possession of the Jesse Murdock and 

Fanny Murdock endowments for general repairs, which with the many 
endowments for private lots insures the perpetual care and improvement of 
the ground and with the many costly monuments this cemetery has earned 
the name of:  "The Mount Auburn of Plymouth County."- P247 "

I didn't know when I visited Union Cemetery that it was on land once owned by
some of my Barrows and Griffith relatives. I did know that my 6x great grandfather
Ephraim Griffith was buried there. and while "The Mount Auburn of Plymouth
County" might be a bit of civic puffery, Union Cemetery is beautiful.      

To be continued.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


After leaving Lakenham Cemetery I continued further down Rte 58 to another
location in Carver, Ma. The Central Cemetery is situated behind the United
Church of  Carver, and there are more of my Barrows and Ellis cousins laid
to rest here.

This is the headstone of Lothrop Barrows,  my 2nd cousin 5x removed. It's right
 at the entrance to the cemetery, on the right hand side as you enter through the
gate by the Church. I didn't realize it at the time but there's something wrong with
this picture that I took. Lothrop Barrows was a Captain in the Massachusetts
State Militia and he died on 6ul 1857. The medallion on the flag holder is one for
a member of the Grand army of the Republic, the Civil War Union Army veterans'
organization. My guess is it was uprooted from it's proper location either by the
wind or human hands and was put here by mistake by someone trying to show respect.