Tuesday, January 4, 2011


 Yes, I know, I already have two blogs and here I am about to
...hop...into starting another one!

Back when Terry Thornton started the Association of Graveyard Rabbits
he invited me to join as a charter member. I declined at that time because
of my work schedule at the bookstore which left me tired and sore at
the end of the day. Of course the reason for that was my lousy diet and
health habits which eventually caught up with me about this time last

Several months ago I started taking walks and getting out more. One of
my excursions was  to Mt. Pleasant Cemetery to take pictures of
the headstones of some Dunham family relations to send to cousin
Chris Dunham. It was a nice Autumn afternoon and I found myself
enjoying the hunt. That's all it took. I was hooked.

Since then I've taken walks in several cemeteries in the area and
taken pictures of relatives' graves which I've posted over at my
West in New England genealogy blog. But it occurred to me that
there are people living in other parts of the country who have
ancestors buried here that may never see those grave sites in
person. And so, at last, I decided to start a new blog, The Old
Colony Graveyard Rabbit.

Here's what I'm planning to do: whenever I visit one of the local
cemeteries in search of my relatives' graves, I'll also take photos 
of other graves and post them here. Eventually I'd like to get all
of the headstones in Abington, Whitman and Rockland photographed.
When the snow has melted and warm weather returns I might range
farther afield to other neighboring communities and up to Essex County
where many of my ancestors lived. At that time if anyone has a relative's
grave located in the area around Boston I might be able to get a photo
of it for them. I'll also be posting what I find to the Find A Grave website..

I'll be starting off posting some pictures already posted over on West in
New England so there will be duplicates here at first.

Finally, the background image to this blog will be changing from time to
time. The inaugural image is of headstones belonging to the Nash family
buried at Mt. Vernon Cemetery here in Abington, Massachusetts.


  1. I love the look of your new blog! And this reminds me that I need to get out to the graveyards and start taking pictures again, not to mention posting the pictures I have already taken.

  2. OK BILL! Now that you are a Rabbit, it is time for you to be in the spotlight. As you know, I have the "Meet A Rabbit" column over at the GYR Assoc. and this is a perfect opportunity to pimp your new blog. Email me -


    we will come up with something special!

  3. Hi Bill,

    I love your new blog and think you've inspired me to create a 3rd blog, this one for cemeteries. I have tons of photos of head stones and love to take photos thereof. I am going to think on this and see what I can come up with.

    Kudos to you with this new undertaking!


  4. Oh I know I am going to love this blog! I can't wait until you get under way! Maybe you'll find some of my ancestors that I haven't even fond yet.

  5. This looks like it will be a gem. I remember when I went "grave yard hunting" as a child with my mother - the vaguest of memories - might have been MA, CT, NY or RI -someplace in NE- but we found a grave that said "here lies ]Lilliput??] who was the wife of Simeon Peabody. a few feet over was "here lies [Elizabeth??] who should have been the wife of Simeon Peabody." hmmmm. Graves were early 1700s - story here someplace... The two women were contemporaries and there were lots of little Peabodys around, but we never found Simeon - his name stuck in my childhood memory for obvious reasons... If you ever come across Simeon, be sure to let me know! Meanwhile enjoy those walks!