Sunday, April 3, 2011


As I've noted before, Mt. Vernon Cemetery has some areas off the
main access roads and I'm only now able to explore these since the
snow has finally melted. So today on my way to the grocery store
I swung through the cemetery with the idea of visiting one of those
spots and getting some pictures.
The area I visited is down below the Center Ave area and contains
some massive trees and graves arranged on three small hills. I
hadn't realized before that there was a small pond concealed by
bushes and a larger one beyond that borders the Frolio School
on the other side. There's several smaller roads running alongside
all three hills and I parked at the intersection of three of them.

As I got out of my car I noticed there were two teenagers in hoodies
down the path on the driver's side of the car.  They glanced back up
the road at me for a second, then one shrugged and passed the joint
they were sharing back to his or her companion.

Well, I decided to take the path in front of my car. I walked a few yards
down and found a pair of mallard ducks in the concealed pond, so I
took their picture. Then I noticed the plot behind me had a rather
elaborate stone wall around it and took a picture of that. But a few yards
down the road I realized there was a car that had been hidden from
view from Center Ave and a young man and woman were engaged in
umm...a little afternoon delight.

I retreated back to my car and went around to the path on the passenger
side which skirted the backside of the small pond. I took a few more
pictures, including one of a family plot that appears to have never been used.
I wondered what had caused that before taking a few more pictures.,

It was at this point I realized that perfhaps the miscreants (the tokers) or the
smoochers might take exception to having someone hanging around taking
pictures and walked back to my car and drove away.

It was only later that I realized that the pair that could have really needed
more privacy were the poor mallards, who at this rate may never start
a family!

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  1. LOL. Hopefully you'll have duckling pics soon.