Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today was my usual Thursday off and after running some errands I drove
over to Mt Vernon Cemetery. My plan is to photograph every headstone,
monument and grave marker.It's a big cemetery. So you'll forgive me when
I say it's going to be a monumental task.

I spent part of my visit trying to map out all the roads in the place, Some of
them are named and have "street signs". Others are grass covered and run
down the middle of some of the areas between the paved  roads. So far
I've taken pictures of the sites near South Grove and Vernon Ave and one side
of the first section of Central Ave. Central is the main road that runs throughout
Mt Vernon. I'll post some of the pictures here of course and the older graves
I'll post to Find A Grave. I have some reservations about posting gravestones
from more recent graves but that's a subject for another post.

Meanwhile, here's a photo I took today of a monument I'd shot from a distance
during the winter.

There's a brick base to the urn with an attached nameplate that simply reads
"Wm. F, Barlow Jr."  There are no other markers around the urn and so far I
haven't found anything else about him. It's the only monument of its type in
Mt Vernon and whatever plant once graced the top is long dead.One day I
hope to solve the mystery of who Mr. Barlow was!

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  1. My wife did research on the Scituate cemeteries for an anthropology class in the 70's. Her dad still lives there, so we're down from time to time.