Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Cedar Grove Cemetery in Marshfield Ma. is right on Rte 139 just before entering
Marshfield Center. And when I say, I mean only a few feet from the cars passing by:

As close as the front is to the road, the rest of the cemetery extends some
distance in and there is an access road into it. Be careful entering and exiting
because of the high volume of traffic on Rte 139.

This cemetery is around 300 years old and encloses the Congregational Church.
Also known as the Old Burying Ground, it's the final resting place of some of my
Carver, Cushman, Ford, Thomas, and Tilden cousins.

I visited Cedar Grove in late June and the grass was mown, but there were some
gravestones overgrown by weeds and bushes:

and in some spots displaced by trees:

Still, it's a beautiful cemetery:

To be continued.

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