Saturday, January 5, 2013


The Central Cemetery in Cohasset, Massachusetts is located at the corner of
North Main Street and Joy Place. It stretches down the hill along Joy Place
and the lower section is bordered on the east by an inlet from the Atlantic
Ocean. I worry that that section is in danger from storm tides and flooding
at some point in the future. The upper section is hilly and might present a
challenge to some visitors.

Gate on North Main Street.,
Looking down from North Main.

Looking back from the central hill towards North Main Street.
Looking down from the central hill towards the inlet.
View from the columbarium at the top of the central hill.
There's a story about that cross. 
The earliest burials here date from 1705.
As I mentioned in one of the captions there's a  story behind that large Celtic
at the top of the hill, and I'll discuss that next.

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