Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I live in Abington, Massachusetts, a small community south of Boston in Plymouth
County. At one time it was much larger than it is now. including areas that broke
off to form the neighboring towns of Rockland and Whitman. The area is often
referred to as the TriTown Area, and Abington as it was before the breakup is
called the "Old Town".

Mt. Zion Cemetery in Whitman is located on Washington St. near Whitman
Center.It's across the street from the boyhood home of Cardinal Spellman of
New York. (It's a funeral home now). The Washington St. entry isn't noticeable
so it's possible to drive past it without realizing it's there at all. The main entrance
is around the corner on Robert Avenue but the older graves are back up by the
Washington St. entrance.

As I said, Whitman was once part of Abington. But it is still a bit ironic that
the "First Male Child"  born in the "Old Town" lies buried in Whitman.

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