Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Hillcrest Cemetery is located in Plympton, Ma. on Route 58 directly across
from the police station. The first burial took place in 1706. The sign by the
cemetery entrance tells of its historical importance:

"The work of local stone carvers represented here is considered quite
noteworthy. Because of its great age and continuous use, this burial
ground is recognized as having one of the finest assortments of carved
grave markers in southeaster Massachusetts.

The carvings and inscriptions represent  the work of several generations
of 18th century stone carvers and their descendants and successors, most
notably Nathaniel Fuller and the Soule family. The stones and markers
also illustrate the evolution of mortuary art and memorial styles
throughout the 18th and 19th century."

But Hillcrest has personal significance for me because some of my Barrows
and Ellis family cousins are interred here.  

It's a beautiful cemetery but time has ravaged some headstones.

Looking across Rte 58 towards the First Congregationalist Church

A Soule family tomb

A rusted fence around a family plot

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