Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Well, this is embarrassing. My last post here was nearly a year ago and, ironically
enough, it was one celebrating the one year anniversary of this blog. At that time
I said:

" I started The Old Colony Graveyard Rabbit a year ago today as a place to
post pictures from my cemetery trips. I'm afraid it doesn't get as much attention
from me as my genealogy blog West in New England but I hope to do better
this year and post here more often. I'm fortunate to live in Massachusetts
which is rich not only in history and genealogy but also in some of the most
interesting and beautiful graveyards and cemeteries.

Besides sharing more pictures, I want to try to research & share the stories
of the people whose lives are represented by their grave markers.

So here's to another year of photography and story telling!" 

Well, obviously, that didn't happen.

Here's the bad news: I've been without a car since last August and while I
intend to get a new one, chances are that won't be happening until the

But there is good news: before the demise of Ping the Wonder Car I was
able to visit quite a few local cemeteries and as a result I have about six
months' worth of pictures to share here.

Here's to a better year of picture sharing and story telling!. 

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  1. You posted a huge amount in other areas, Bill... no wonder this one got dropped! Enjoy this coming year with lots of fabulous photos and story-telling to come. I'll be watching :)